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Birmingham Business Breakfast Seminar


Jean Pousson, Board Evaluaton Limiteds Director of Consultancy will be guest speaker at the Birmingham Business Breakfast Seminar at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham on June 15th 2011 where he will be talking about Board Malfunction.

Jean is an experienced management consultant with over twenty years' experience in working with Boards and he will be covering the following topics:

  • Why dont Boards work well?
  • Board dynamics.
  • Typical obstacles in decision making.
  • Lack of understanding of what creates value.
  • Appreciation of what Boards should be concerned with.
  • What makes a great and learning Board.
  • Executive screw ups: The unsuccessful habits of highly unsuccessful executives.
  • Are you being derailed?

To find out more about the seminar or to register your place, go to:

Birmingham Business Breakfast Seminar