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BEL launches Japanese service....

BEL today launched a new service to Japanese organisations and organisations working with them or in Japan. Working in conjunction with Japan Intercultural Consulting Europe, Engress Intercultural and the Board Director Training Institute of Japan, we are now able to offer a wide range of services that will help overcome the cultural challenges of working in the European and Japanese markets. For more details of the services we offer follow this link to see our brochure.   

The service was launched in London at an event co-hosted by JETRO at which Christian Hunt from the FSA discussed the challenges of Japanese financial services organisations working in London followed by our own Chris Pierce who discussed some of the wider corporate governance issues. The slides from Chris's presentation can be found by follwing this link.

If you have any interest in this new service, please contact the BEL managing Director at gary.cowdrill@board-evaluation.co.uk