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Marianne Skelcher

Marianne Skelcher

Marianne is a former Group HR Director of Bromford Group and has over 20 years experience in executive and non-executive roles.  She has spent a significant proportion of her career in the housing sector, but also has experience in the health, public and charity sectors.  Her expertise is focused on change leadership, organisation development, talent development and strategic Human Resources.

As a consultant and coach, Marianne has specialised in supporting senior leaders and their organisations in leading and dealing with change, using different techniques including one-to-one coaching, leadership development and other Organisational Development interventions.

Mariannes passion is for the delivery of excellent business results through helping business leaders be the best leaders they can be.  She brings a combination of an understanding of the principles of good corporate governance, awareness of what makes a high performing team and a well developed and tested understanding of the dynamics of organisational change.

Examples of assignments successfully carried out by Marianne are:

  • Team and individual coaching for the senior leadership team of a large police force to bring about cultural change
  • Consulting and coaching with major housing associations
  • Working closely with the CEO of a voluntary and community sector umbrella organisation to develop a new organisation structure
  • Consultant to the Chair of an international fair trade charity in carrying out a major governance review