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Sherril Kennedy

Sherril Kennedy

Dr Sherril Kennedy's early career was as an academic. She started out as a social psychologist and then progressed into a successful career as a marketing academic with close links to the business world; first at Bradford University and then Cranfield School of Management. She was also a founding member of the International Management Centre, the first action learning post-graduate school to be established in Europe.

After a spell overseas, Sherril decided that she would like to be more directly involved in implementing her advice and support. In 1983 she established Kennedy, through which she successfully used the knowledge, skills and experience gained in the academic environment to help organisations embrace and manage the changes necessary to thrive. Not afraid to challenge, Sherril's approach is based on rigorous analysis, innovative thinking and persistence to resolve impediments to progress.

She has particular experience of working with top teams to enhance organisational effectiveness. Her numerous clients come from both the public and private sector including various NHS Trusts and National Health Departments, Health & Safety Executive, Regional Government Offices, Brunner Mond, Glasgow Housing Association, Home Group, and Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive.

Sherril has developed an impressive ability to tackle issues others may find too daunting, and of embedding sustainable solutions that bring significant benefits and add real value to client organisations.

Assignments have included:

  • Developing a corporate focus for the Board and Executive - then designing and implementing an alignment programme to embed a common focus throughout the organisation.
  • Enhancing the decision-making of the Board and Executive based on an understanding of the issues that undermine clear, consistent and transparent decisions.
  • Facilitating the work required to develop the corporate strategy of a multinational company - then developing the structure and processes to implement and manage the strategy.
  • Creating a corporate focus and effective processes with the newly formed PCT so that it incorporated effective governance into the fabric of the organisation.
  • Developing the working practices required to address the disruptive behaviour of surgeons and consultants in an acute sector directorate.
  • Creating an integrated service from a number of specialist groups, enabling the organisation to evolve to meet changing demands without having to go back to the drawing board.