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About Us

Board Evaluation Limited is an independent practice led by experienced advisors focused on helping organisations develop best practice among Boards.  Directors are duty bound to promote the success of their company (Companies Act S172).  This codified duty cannot be taken lightly and ongoing assessment of Board performance and effectiveness is crucial.

We work with Boards to ensure not only that good practices are in place, but that there is also a good strategic planning process that would stand up to scrutiny. We do not (and cannot!) do your strategy for you, but we can assist in making sure that Boards have the right conversation, that good frameworks are being used, that the interests of all stakeholders have been taken into account and that value is being created.

At Board Evaluation Limited we do not have a rigid approach. Our consultants will, in the first instance, perform a diagnosis with the project sponsor to scope the work, the expected deliverables, the time frame and costs. Our involvement can range from a half day masterclass where we make a presentation to the Board on a chosen topic, to a more lengthy assignment with annual reviews.