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Board Performance and Effectiveness Evaluation and Assessment

One of Board Evaluation's core diagnostic methodologies, this is a tried and tested tool consisting of around 100 questions that takes, on average, about 45 minutes for each individual Board Director to complete. This is normally done on-line.  The questions are varied in their nature, but allow directors to express their views on the competence and effectiveness of the Board in dealing with the full spectrum of issues.
The results are analysed and interpreted by our consultant(s) who feed back the findings and highlight important issues with the Chairman, key Board personnel, or the entire Board.  As well as enabling a Board to rate and assess its own performance, The Board Evaluation tool can also allow directors to comment on the performance of their colleagues.
Where applicable we can include more participants in the survey - within the company it may, for example, be relevant and useful to get the views of key management personnel operating below board level.  Externally it is often interesting to canvas important stakeholders such as key suppliers and customers.

The findings lend themselves to comparison of data on Board performance.  How does my Board compare with other companies?  How does our Board performance compare with our performance one year ago and two years ago?