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Online Board Effectiveness Review

Online Board Effectiveness ReviewWe are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive and cost-effective diagnostic review which will help to tell you how effective your Board is. Designed and authored by Board Evaluation Limited, recognised specialists in this field, your company or organisation can now carry out its own BOARD EFFECTIVENESS REVIEW.

What is it? The Board Effectiveness Review is an on-line questionnaire which is completed by each board director. There are over 100 questions about board and boardroom issues, and the responses are analysed by our team and we report back to you with a clear presentation of your overall performance, highlighting particular strengths and weaknesses which might need attention.

Why is such a review necessary? Many companies are already bound by the UK Corporate Governance code to carry out effectiveness reviews. Many others are increasingly aware of the need for proper Board procedures and effective governance, and recognise the benefits such a review can bring to enhance Board performance.

How was the Review developed? Board Evaluation Limited has responded to the call from many companies for a self-diagnostic review. Led by Chris Pierce, an internationally respected expert in corporate governance and board performance, our team of consultants, psychologists and on-line experts has worked together to develop and launch this sophisticated questionnaire.

Who could use it? The Review is suitable for any Board or senior management team in any company or organisation, irrespective of size. We have tested this approach in the private, public and not for profit sectors, with listed and privately owned companies alike.

What topics are covered? The questions cover a full range of issues including board and corporate strategy, the role of the Chairman, the roles of directors, director relationships, agenda setting, preparation for meetings, effectiveness of meetings, board committees, communication issues and much more.

Extract from reportWhat benefits will it bring? The results will clearly identify any issues there might be in your corporate governance so that these can be addressed. More than that, it will enable you to identify what you need to do to become a more effective board - if the top team isn’t performing to its potential then the business itself won’t be.

How do we complete it? The process is straightforward - each director logs in to a confidential online portal at a time to suit them. It then takes no more than 30 minutes to complete the multiple choice questionnaire. Your team is given a timeframe in which to complete the questionnaire and results are delivered to you in an easy to read report format within 2-3 weeks of completion.

How much does it cost?


 up to 10 respondents

 11-15 respondents

 16-20 respondents

Standard Board Effectiveness Review




Personalised with Client Branding




Customised to include specific questions requested by the Client




These prices apply to all questionnaires deployed during 2019; prices will next be reviewed with effect from 1st January 2020.

Prices are net of VAT which will be charged where appropriate.


For more information please phone Gary Cowdrill on 0870 720 3904, or email

Chris Pierce new

Professor Chris Pierce was a member of the Board Evaluation Team that developed the Board Effectiveness Questionnaire.  Chris is an internationally renowned expert on Board and Corporate Governance issues.  He is a lead master trainer for the International Finance Corporation (part of World Bank Group), and works with Tata Group and its subsidiaries on corporate governance and board evaluation.

His books include “The Effective Director” in 2001, “The Handbook on International Corporate Governance” in 2003 and “Corporate Governance in the European Union” published in April 2010.  His qualifications include an Economics degree, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, a Masters degree in Philosophy and an MBA.  He is a Visiting Professor at City University London, an Executive Fellow of Henley Management College and a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield Management School.

“Our objective was to create a comprehensive and relevant diagnostic tool which is easy to complete and which would generate clear actionable results.  I believe we have achieved this and that our Board Effectiveness Review complies with global governance best practices.”  Chris Pierce, April 2012.